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24 Oct 2016 01:14:47
nige pearson out of work again maybe worth trying to get him once this clown sells up wish he would hurry up and get a deal done we need a fresh start someone that knows how to run a football club properly would b a good start.

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24 Oct 2016 09:41:40
The uncertainty of the ownership needs sorting out definitely. It can't drag on too much longer. It will give the whole club a boost. I would rather it be the Yanks than the Greek gangsters.

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24 Oct 2016 10:59:05
Pearson? No thanks.

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24 Oct 2016 12:44:21
hes still a good manager he only did badly at derby because the chairmen mel morris was constantly interfering.

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24 Oct 2016 18:31:21
Well that would never happen at Forest!

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25 Oct 2016 09:22:21
Surely if someone is that near buying the club they will not change the manager at this stage. Fawaz must realise if Forest go down then he says goodbye to all his money. Common sense tells you the position our club is in is not 100% may be 60%. Jose has lost it and even with stupid money paid for players they can't win. Warnock is an example of a very good motivator. There are others we could all name and Gareth Southgate is not one of them incidentally. My view is we must stick with PM at least until Xmas. Supporters need to shout for him. When he came from who knows but there seems to have been a Greek hand in this so I suspect they may still take over. Although my choice would have been Red Bull who must desire a club like ours and then vis a vis napoli and Watford swop players ie OB!

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23 Oct 2016 20:13:42
Reported in a red top tabloid today that Zola is being lined up to replace Montanier when the takeover happens. Here we go again!

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23 Oct 2016 21:27:17
I wish they would get on with it.

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23 Oct 2016 14:24:01
Just read an article in yesterday's NEP that Marinakas is still interested in Forest and i might be wrong but papers were with the FL about the purchase, i don't live near Nottingham so can any Reds verify or rubbish the statement😕😎.

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23 Oct 2016 17:06:46
Yes that is correct.

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23 Oct 2016 18:00:29
That's what the article says, but it has no evidence behind it or real statements or quotes from anybody. Looks like lazy journos again to me.

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22 Oct 2016 21:55:31
Hobbs isn't playing because if he plays forest have to fork out some dollar if he plays a certain amount.

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23 Oct 2016 15:49:55
This is correct, but how we can carry on not using but paying wages to, one of our best centre backs is the biggest question. Best centre back pairing I've seen at Forest for some seasons was Big Jack Hobbs with silky smooth Micheal Mancienne.

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23 Oct 2016 16:00:10
Absolute Rubbish.

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23 Oct 2016 17:30:34
Well that's a well constructed, and well supported arguement.

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23 Oct 2016 18:03:37
That's probably correct Womble. We had a similar situation with Darius Henderson. We suddenly stopped playing him because his contract stated that if we played him for X amount of games we would have to give him another season. Consequently we never saw him play again and he was off at the end of that's season.

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23 Oct 2016 19:52:13
Can you back your claim up that it's true?

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23 Oct 2016 21:39:04
Once again a poster is rubbished for reporting what they hear! If that is his news let him break it we'd have been better off if everyone believe the few that reported it 12 months ago about the stuff that's just coming to light instead of critisising DF for doing a grand job! And btw yes it is true.

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23 Oct 2016 21:48:53
If this is true, then why waste a spot on the bench with a player you have no intention of playing, it just doesn't make sense. I may be in the minority but I didn't see the benefit of putting cohen into the centre of defence when you have a bonafide defender on the bench and didn't buy/understand montaniers explanation to chippers. So this may lend some weight to your statement Womble. But I do find it a little strange.

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24 Oct 2016 06:37:34
Anyone can say this is true that is true without actually having to prove it. must be why fryatt isn't anywhere to be seen also must be the same with Britt, is that why he's ad another lay off? I know for a fact that this isn't true.

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21 Oct 2016 12:22:34
New statement. Fawaz will not remain as chairman post take over, would sell %100 of his stake and is in negotiation 'with several interested parties'. The plot thickens.

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21 Oct 2016 13:11:05
Nothing has changed. It all depends what his price for 100% is. £50m for 80% if reports are accurate seems excessive for a club who leases the ground and has few assets. This is why the deal has taken so long. For me, Daniel Taylor is far more believable than anything that has emanated from the City Ground over the last four years.

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21 Oct 2016 13:18:38
Fair play to Fawas too by the way, selling up and admitting it hasn't worked out for him. Let's not forget he saved the club, even if he was out of his depth.

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21 Oct 2016 17:03:16
At least he is being a bit more media savvy with his update. At the end of the day the deal will be about the cash on the table. He knows the game is up and its about cutting losses. Time to ignore him an let him get on with selling the club COYR's.

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21 Oct 2016 17:41:47
Fans still think they have a right to protest but he's selling up so all it will do is affect the atmos tomorrow and make them look silly in the process.

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21 Oct 2016 18:09:05
Up the forest-Fans do have the right to protest-I think it's a waste of time and do more damage than good but they do have a right to do whatever they want. Why anyone would protest about something that all parties are aiming for is beyond me but all I'm going to do tomorrow is sing my heart out.

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21 Oct 2016 20:01:42
Looking at my post I think I worded the first part wrong. yes they have a right but isn't it a little too late as everything is in motion and won't effect the timespan of the takeover. i personally think there doing it because they no they have missed the boat and want to seem like they have done something.

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21 Oct 2016 23:48:25
A few points in relation to the above: -totally agree with Belperred. Despite how it's worked Out, Fawaz saved us when we needed it. - a "protest" ain'the going to happen, it's all hot air from keyboard warriors. - totally agree with 2tone- let's get behind the manager and team, that's our role.

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22 Oct 2016 14:28:25
Apparently not what he has now said in Kuwait! When will you ever learn the guy is a " bare faced liar "! If we lose today and possible relegation places you'll wake up!

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22 Oct 2016 14:48:53
Wake up to what johnny? you keep trying to point out that fans want him to stay but like many have said iv not seen a post on here suggesting that. You are getting mixed up with people not wanting to slate or abuse him to get a pint across with those who think it's ok to abuse him. we all know a want him out. so who needs to wake up?

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22 Oct 2016 20:29:22
Apparently, possibly as he's said he would sell 100% the Greek is back in the frame and is interested.

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20 Oct 2016 16:58:51
We are now in a buyers market because we have very little to sell, the more pressure is put on Fawaz the quicker he'll go. l know how much he ought to walk with players saying the situation will have no effect on them are talking twaddle, who could do their job properly under the current situation. CARLO.

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20 Oct 2016 17:36:22
These players get paid to do a job, it's about time they stopped whining, moaning and acting like fairys, I'm fed up with everyone else is to blame, fans are going down big time due the rubbish being served up.

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20 Oct 2016 19:44:13
I am sure if you were not paid in your job you would be up in arms about it and would be thinking about no going into work next week.

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21 Oct 2016 09:58:38
78-I agree with what your saying but some players do need to look at the levels that they perform at and the wages they are paid-if you consistently under performed at work you would also expect to get pulled for it and told to improve-maybe lose bonuses and struggle on your basic wage. You should always get your money on time but if we were running a business would we all struggle to pay bonus payments etc. to under performers?

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21 Oct 2016 10:55:46
Totally agree 2tone
but the point I was making was if your employer does not pay you on time several times a year you would be a little Pi$$ed off with him even if you were not doing your job to his requirements. The players can't help not being below the standard required for this league, What I could not excuse is that a player does not try his hardest to win every game even if he has a bad game He has to try as hard as possible. As a professional you have to go out and want to win every week not go out and think it does not matter if we win or loose.

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21 Oct 2016 11:21:00
That Mr two tone is perhaps your most ridiculous post yet. And that is no small achievement given some of your previous.

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21 Oct 2016 11:54:11
It, snot just players being payed that's the problem, staff and suppliers have also been left waiting and the club just sinks and sinks, these aren, t trivial issues these are people's livelihoods, open your eyes ! CARLO.

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21 Oct 2016 13:00:00
Carlo and FAwazz what the heck are you talking about? I think you must have separate conversations going on in your own minds - I've not backed fawaz or said its ok not to pay anybody on time, in this thread I haven't even discussed other suppliers or staff not being paid- in fact I've posted previously about fester taking friends and colleagues for money and delaying payments in the past and I would be disgusted if we went a similar route to fester. come on guys discuss what you see in front of you not what is swimming around in your heads.

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20 Oct 2016 02:27:58
I'm not in the pm out group in the slightest but just wondering why if he rotates the squad to keep players fresh and injury free why are we getting so many injures and why do they look so knackered. And the rotation isn't just down to injury as a lot suggest 4,5,6 changes a game which means 4, 5, 6 injuries a game yes thought not. We have used 29 players so far this season and I'm pretty sure we haven't had 18 injuries so far.

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20 Oct 2016 08:36:08
I don't believe all the changes are down to injuries and keeping people fresh. If what we've read in the guardian is true then I reckon a lot of the changes montanier has made will be down to players not wanting to train, play or their heads not being in the right place because of not being paid. In the light of things I certainly think the manager deserves a bit of credit for how he has handled things.

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20 Oct 2016 14:18:55
Red Tech, regards players heads not being" in the right place" must be hard getting by on 10 grand a week! 😒😒😒.

{Ed001's Note - it is when your employer doesn't pay on time month after month, like has happened in Fawaz's time at Forest.}

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20 Oct 2016 15:09:31
Said this at the match on Friday. Should the buyout happen and PM stays on it would be interesting to see if tactics change
We continue to play against teams who play a strike partnership yet we still play one up top? I wonder if it's a Fawaz driven thing as all of our recent managers have been eventually criticised for this.

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20 Oct 2016 15:40:30
I agree Rogie Red but I'm sure even people earning 10k a week have bills to pay, even if they are more extravagant than ours. Plus i know i would feel slightly under valued if my employer couldn't at least pay me what I had earnt on time.

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20 Oct 2016 16:11:41
Fair point mate.

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20 Oct 2016 16:13:56
No. It's just not a European method having 2 up front.

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20 Oct 2016 20:00:03
We're playing in England, long time since we played in europe, many of our fans have never seen it. CARLO.

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19 Oct 2016 01:26:55
Before the chop and change merchants start on about tonight's performance. PM only changed the team to replace 2 injured players from the Brum game. He lost 2 key players to injury during the first half and ended up losing Hilda to suspension, taking a second card for the team as our goalie was up for a corner.

Having said that, Forest's short passing game did not suit the monsoon conditions and Rovers forced 2 errors playing more direct. Vaughan and Carayol were starting to have an impact until they got injured. Forest dominated the second half but the final ball was poor.

Showed great tactical flexibility with Lansbury playing like Pirlo from a sweeper position in a 3 at the back and swapping with Cohen allowing the full backs to pin Rovers back and give us the option of playing long. Given the conditions and injuries it was unfortunate that we could not risk bringing on Britt earlier to get onto the final ball.

Our number 12 is not up to the rigours of the Championship and Kasami cannot play in the rain! Hilda needs a good talking to, stop diving and hand waving otherwise he is going to be a liability over 90 minutes. Disappointing night at the office but at least we are playing with confidence and improving! COYR's.

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19 Oct 2016 04:34:52
Some people are deluded on ere ! Pirlo just captained a side to defeat at an awful Blackburn side . relegation battle I'm afraid unless change s at top made soon.

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19 Oct 2016 07:09:24
Some people just look at the end result and moan without knowing how we played or why changes were made. people also say vaughans name should be the first on the team sheet yet the people who love in the real world know he can't play 2-3 games in a week. let the manager do the thinking and team selections and you as fans get behind them regardless. we can all play football manager but when your not in the day to day loop you don't know why some players aren't selected. they could be sore or feeling a knock so can't play.

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19 Oct 2016 08:22:15
I don't disagree with anything that PM did last night. TBH it was always going to be a difficult game. Getting 2 injuries in the first half and bendtner injured last Friday was always going to make it an uphill battle. Don't forget they got their second when we were down to 10 men temporarily. Second half was excellent. Glad to see that the Beast that is Perquis got a goal.

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19 Oct 2016 08:23:53
People going on about a relegation battle but a win last night would of put us two points off the playoffs even with the disastrous run we've been on. Just shows the mixed results in this league and put a couple of wins together and ya right back in it. Unfortunately it's games like last night we should be picking up points. Roll on Saturday.

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19 Oct 2016 08:34:27
Thanks for the report Red. I accept what you say about the changes made last night being because of injury, but would have preferred to have kept Lichaj at RB with either Traore or Fox at LB. Fox not even on the bench so may have been injured. I think we need a bit of Dougie Freeman's philosophy especially for games like last night. Make sure when we don't have the ball we get ten behind the ball and seal all the gaps. Unfortunately I don't think we have a striker who can play up front on his own. Dexter could do it, so could Henderson. Vellios, Bendtner, and Britt all like facing the opposition goal. Patience and trust is needed if we are to progress.

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19 Oct 2016 11:40:56
Given the conditions I think PM made the right full back call. In the second half we pushed 3 and 4 up to support the striker but I agree with your comments. We showed that we can play 3 at the back with Lansbury or Cohen in the middle. We would need MM instead of Mills against better teams. This helps supports the striker.

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19 Oct 2016 14:38:23
Would prefer Pinillos, still out, Fox or Traore at left back. Lichaj too right-footed. Pereira is a liability at full back unless we play five at the back.

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17 Oct 2016 12:27:27
BRAD FRIEDEL being eyed up as DOF at Forest if takeover goes through. Thoughts?

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17 Oct 2016 12:46:57
Not very good, it is one thing being a footballer but vastly different knowing how to do that job. Unless someone knows something about him having expertise that i have not heard.

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17 Oct 2016 13:03:15
Based on the experience of the Swansea Supporters Trust we are heading for another predator purchase of the club and alienated fans. Having said that until the majority of our fanbase gets itself organised then we will get what we deserve in terms of disconnected owners?

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17 Oct 2016 15:30:52
Redinexile. Sadly i do not think there are many non predatory buyers out there.

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17 Oct 2016 17:48:00
DOE is only a posh name for chief scout so Friedel should fit the bill, 😎.

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17 Oct 2016 19:38:57
I would expect the DoF to be much more than a chief scout. In fact the DoF would probably have the chief scout reporting to him. He would also ensure that the 'footballing philosophy' is adhered to throughout the club, and have a big say in the recruitment of coaches at all levels.

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16 Oct 2016 10:14:06
Heard it from a good source that if there is an American takeover, they will want PM out and Klinsman in as manager.

Believable3 Unbelievable14

16 Oct 2016 11:24:17
You usually have a new manager when new owners come in but if we are playing good football, and winning plenty of games our manager will be going nowhere. Klinsmann will most likely want a top job, not a Championship side.

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16 Oct 2016 11:50:11
Klinsman, your having a laugh😝.

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16 Oct 2016 12:47:47
So we are being purchased by Americans. Klinsmann has coached USA and lives in America = He is going to be our new manager? Does this mean if Fawaz accepts a bid from The Lapland Consortium Santa Claus will be our new manager? Oh happy days. Meanwhile back at the City Ground Forest already have an excellent Head Coach who will improve our team over time and restore our tarnished reputation on the field from the failings of irrational previous managers!

{Ed001's Note - the last time I heard, Klinsmann was adamant he would not be moving from his home in the USA and had rejected the chance to work with a Premier League club due to that.}

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16 Oct 2016 16:53:57
Burncross are you sure he said Klinsman not Klansman😄😎lol.

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16 Oct 2016 17:40:11
I, m still game., CARLO.

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16 Oct 2016 16:36:17
Lol no doubt burncross is fast on in the chair now after his Sunday dinner session.

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16 Oct 2016 20:10:19
Klinsman was actually in the running for the England job when big Sam was appointed. He not in good books with the USA top brass, think he relishes a move back to England. If the rumours are true he be an excellent appointment for the reds. I wanted him as England coach but the FA went for another club manager and we all know what happened there. Jurgan has a lot of experience playing and managing his national team as well as the USA. He be a brilliant fit for Forest.

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16 Oct 2016 20:32:20
Klinsmann would not join a club that has no money. One ed said Klinsmann could have joined a Premiership club fairly recently, if that is true why turn that down only to accept a job in a league lower. Like one poster indicated potential American owners, the American manager that lives in America does not mean Forest manager.

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16 Oct 2016 21:21:22
Most likely because John Jay Moore was linked to two premier sides before the Forest bid. I wouldn't rule out Klinsmann managing in the uk.

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17 Oct 2016 09:28:07
MrCoolxx You might be right, but why on earth would a manager go to any club a buyer is linked to, no matter the division. That for me shows how the media are klinging to straws with Klingsman.

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17 Oct 2016 22:31:27
Can anyone remember Forest vs Bayern the return leg Forest 2 1 up from the first leg in Bayern. Klinsmann dive in that Match says it all about the man never want him at our club.

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18 Oct 2016 22:30:14
Forest lost the first leg 2-1, Steve Chettle had equalised. Second leg was a rout, never in the game.

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